How to Download


Before doing a survey, I suggest clearing your cookies!

If you have an adblocker running, make sure to disable it before clicking on a survey!

otherwise download won’t work!
*If you didnt install any blocking plugins before then you don’t have to worry about anything

If you are from US, Canada or UK, you should follow this instruction:

Choose 1 survey that requires you submit your email OR choose phone number survey whitch is even faster and easier!
You enter your email and then the survey requires your information like your name, your address. You just need enter all requirement and Click OK, then you’ll complete the survey. Easily huh?.
PS: Some surveys need confirmation. In this case, you need to go to your inbox, click the confirmation link in the email which the survey sent to you.

This is some tips:

If you don’t want to use your personal information, then go to: to find the fake personal information.

Also make a new e-mail account follow the fake information that you found. Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail works just fine. By the way, i recommend getting Google Chrome or Mozilla firefox as a browser.
If you’re from other countries (not US, UK or Canada), then it is just a little bit harder when you choose email submit survey. If you want to complete the offer fast, then these are steps you need to do:

Choose a Pin submit survey (The survey that need only your phone number)
Put your original mobile number and confirm it (sms will come to your phone)
In 15 seconds survey will be unlocked and you will get the hack tool
It takes only 1 minute!


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